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How to Market your Fan Page with the new Facebook Changes

Facebook says that you cannot include price or purchase info, such as 40% off or Download it at our website, you can’t put that type of information on your cover photo. You also cannot include contact information such as web address, email, mailing address or any other info intended for your About section on your Facebook page.

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Quick and Free Author Marketing Strategies for the Weekend

Leave five of your author business cards around town this weekend. If you have a way for someone to use a coupon code on your site – jot that down as well to really up the ante! Join a writers group. Sometimes other writers have good ideas you can steal, huh? Quick and free social media ideas. Follow 100 people on Twitter. On average about 20

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Book Marketing Magic: Quick Tips to Grab Holiday Sales and

Save now & save later: This is another fun one. Offer discounts at time of purchase and then coupons for January promotions, too. Gifts by price point: This is something that really took off on Pinterest. You can identify the amount of money you want to spend and segment your items accordingly.

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Reading Time: 15 minutes ~~~~~ THE BOOK MARKETING EXPERT NEWSLETTER! A newsletter all about SUCCESSFUL publishing and POWERFUL promotion. December 9, 2010 Issue #235 ~~~~~ in this issue — Note From The Editor — Join the AME Bestseller Celebration – Extended into 2011!

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How (and When) Are Amazon Reviews Removed? - Author

amazon just deleted 10 years of my reviews, about 100. they were all honest, products i bought, about half from amazon, the rest elsewhere. they were mostly very positive reviews as i genuinely like the items…all varieties. last week i noticed whenever i tried to write a new review a popup would prevent me and say i had already written a review on the item, it was negative and abused the

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Indie Author PSA: Do NOT Do These Things in 2018 - Author

Mistake #2: Clipping coupons for success. Shortcuts rarely work out in your favor, and this couldn’t be more true than it is for the development and production of your book and your self-promotion. Your content should be stellar. Yes, some genres and authors do really well with formulas, but they’re few and far between.

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Quarantine Life Home Dance Party Contest - Author

The Best Home Dance Parties will be chosen and awarded the grand prize: free book marketing coaching with me, but we have lots of other cool prizes I’m ready to raffle off as well, including: HUGE discount coupons for our Master Amazon Video Program Free Ask Me About My Book canvas tote bags Free copies of my books

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The Book Marketing Expert Newsletter, Sept 17 2009

Reading Time: 13 minutes ~~~~~ THE BOOK MARKETING EXPERT NEWSLETTER! A newsletter all about SUCCESSFUL publishing and POWERFUL promotion. September 17, 2009 Issue #204 ~~~~~ in this issue — Note From The Editor — Find Penny on Twitter — Featured Article – Everything is Your Resume — Mom’s Most Wanted — AME-University: Book Marketing, Publishing, and Internet Marketing classes…

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