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The LGBTQ+ community has been historically underrepresented in publishing. But with the growth of online books sales and a greater mainstream appetite for diverse characters and stories, there has been a resulting boom in LGBTQ+ books and publishers specializing in this blossoming niche.

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IngramSpark Review: Don't Use Until You Read This + PROMO

Just for reading this post, you get a 50% discount off IngramSpark’s $49 print and ebook title setup fee. All you have to do is enter this case-sensitive IngramSpark promo code: EXPERT. (Don’t worry, we’ll post another reminder about this coupon a little further down).

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How to Get an ISBN in 10 Minutes (or Less!): the Master

Without an ISBN, you rope yourself off from those avenues and their valuable potential for sales. A quick word about libraries: They may not be the first thing that jumps to an indie author’s mind when they think of viable places for their book, but in the United States, libraries spend over $3 billion annually on reading materials.

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Vellum Review: Read This Guide Before Using It!

First off, let’s cover what Vellum is, as well as the different packages and pricing available. What is Vellum? Vellum is a book creation tool for Mac that allows you to professionally format books for publication. The Vellum software is free to download and use, but you’ll need to purchase a package to actually export your files to publish.

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Alex Pilgrim's Short Story Submission

“Coupons”, you exclaim, and Vivian looks up, absentmindedness in her brows giving you a temporary halt, and then you smile and wave the coupons in front of her face. She lights up. She smiles to you. Your smile hurts your face but you smile back. She puts a finger in the sauce and raises it towards you, and you accept it in your mouth.

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The Everlasting Bond – A Short Story by Felicia Ong

Submitted on 08/13/2020 Categories: General 'Lindsy ! Lindsy ! Hold Up !' I called her out while trying to keep my pace with hers. She pretended not to hear it as she increased her walking speed and took wider steps to get loose of me.

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Mike Olsen's Short Story Submission

She was giving out thirty percent off coupons to the traffic of people walking past the store. Myles knew this was his last chance to find a suitable gift. He browsed the store for a few minutes, checking the time constantly to ensure he would still be on time.

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Man-Eater – A Short Story by Kelsey Marlett – Reedsy Prompts

Submitted on 12/08/2019 Categories: General It’s Man-Eater today — slick, metallic, with a scent like wet paint — and it’s twenty-five dollars and my brain is still trying to kill me.. The clerk looks at me like I’m a stray dog. A mixture of pity and disgust. She isn’t wearing a nametag, but she looks like she could be an Ashley or Rebecca.

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